Our Stories

When did you start attending the First Congregational Church of East Baldwin? Has your family been coming to this church for generations? What keeps you coming back? Has someone, something that was said, some mission that has been undertaken moved your heart? One way to connect people to our church is by sharing your story with others.

There is going to be a new section on our website for testimonials and stories, so let’s put it to good use.

Testimonials and stories are a great way for folks to find out who we are, what we love about our church, and the hopes we have for this new decade. Together we can witness to the love of Jesus Christ for a hurting world, transforming lives and communities in his name.

The East Baldwin Congregational Church was first called into being via an Ecclesiastical Council convened at the house of Capt. Artemas Richardson for the purpose of the formation of a Congregational Church of Christ in Baldwin May 16, 1821.