New Spaces

building project updates text

In January 2020, I am going to show you some of the building upgrades we are making to our parish hall and a new addition to our Sanctuary.

New Partner: You may have already noticed our new entry door for the Pantry plus have sample the new products for our latest partner, Sugar N Spice Kitchens in Parsonfield, such as their delicious soups and cupcakes, plus breads, scones and many other delicacies.

New Door: Here’s a picture* of our wonderful, front-facing door which provides easier access when bringing in food that has been picked up and might, in the future, give us a chance to get at least the entry way part of our parking lot taken care of.

Many of you may remember the waiting room after you entered the ramped rear door and the shelves which were full of books. Well, many of the books had become moldy, so we have emptied the set of shelves on the right and emptied them to serve as a place for clothes, small household goods, some personal items and a magazine, recipes by Marion or perhaps a cookbook or 2. This gives us a nice space to display items for our pantry clients to choose from if they need something. Thanks to Scott and Julie for helping in this project.

New shelving!

Thanks also to Marion Z. for joining our Pantry and providing delicious tidbits for everyone to sample made from materials available in the Pantry.

And, speaking of cooking…

Our wonderful but old stove in the kitchen is going to be replaced with a brand – new gas stove thanks to the generosity of one of our congregation. Not sure exactly when you will see it as we have to figure out how to get the old one out first. Praise God!

Saying goodbye soon to this old friend…

Also, when you are in the Parish Hall, you will notice a new brightness to the Food Hall as Scott has replaced all of the old bulbs with LED lights. Long May They Shine!

And, in the waiting area we had stored a child’s table and chair, which we have now moved to a corner in the Sanctuary so that the kids, if they are restless, will have a place to color and, in the waiting area we are hoping to bring in a rolling hanger set up for some of the clothes.

New children’s corner

That’s it for January. Would love to have your suggestions for coming months.

*Praises for talents shared! Cheryll St. Onge has a great camera on her phone and is happy to provide photos when needed. Thanks, Cheryll!