Praise the Roof!

Drive by our church sometime and don’t forget to notice the brand-new and lovely roof! It was put on by a wonderful group from “The Roofa!”. They did a marvelous job – all in one day and got everything cleaned up before they left including shingle pieces and nails. When our moderator went over the site Sunday morning checking for nails, he only found two! So that was quite a job.

Our previous roof had been on there for about 20 years and the shingles on the edges had begun to curl. We replaced those two years ago, but this year noticed a few small leaks beginning to show with a little water coming down the wall in one corner of the Sanctuary. This prompted us to initiate the replacement.

We also want to thank Maine Community Foundation for the grant to help us along, our congregation for being brave enough to go ahead with this job during the Pandemic and the workers from The Roofa! Blessings.

Leaks have been abolished with the new roof!