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2015 Season After Pentecost

Well, here we are again, just beginning the Church Season known as “The Season After Pentecost.” This is fondly known as the left over time. The two major festivals that mark Christian time, Christmas and Easter, which is linked with Pentecost 50 days later, are over. These remaining days of the church year are called Ordinary time (which means counted time) or Propers.  The phrase “Ordinary Time” ought not to be interpreted as “unimportant time.”  In a real sense, the Season after Pentecost emphasizes the most significant sign of the Kingdom’s presence in this world: the coming of the Holy Spirit. Our sanctuary color for Ordinary Time is dark green, although other shades of green are commonly used as green has traditionally been associated with new life and growth – a time of hope.  As growing plants need water and nourishment, so we can only grow by living in our Baptisms and receiving the Lord’s Word and Sacraments. In this half of the year, the Ordinary Time of the Church, we focus on the life of Christ in His Church as He guides us to grow in faith toward [God] and in fervent love toward one another. The 33 or 34

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