Annual Report

Annual Report of the First Congregational Church of East Baldwin, November 2, 2012

Joys, Celebrations, and Concerns
(an excerpt from the Pastor’s report)

In reflecting on the spiritual happenings this year, I have been noticing a quiet rebirth of hope amongst this body of Christ. Some old friends have come to services after a personal invitation. There is a new brochure designed for people to use in our Welcome to the Neighborhood campaign, and people have agreed to do some visiting to newcomers, inviting them to church and giving them our brochure. Plus, we had an old friend, Donna, come to visit and her energetic presentation seemed to bring a surge of energy to many as she was welcomed home. I believe this is something for us to pay attention to during the coming year; to look for ways to build upon what has been happening in this quiet way, to find new ways to utilize our gifts both physical and spiritual as we care for each other and those in our community of family and friends.

~ Rev. Natalie Blake, Pastor